The Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Fund (MSIF) invests across the capital structure directly into UK infrastructure targeting Housing, Social Infrastructure (hospitals, schools, flood defences etc.), Communications, Utilities, (Renewable) Energy and Transportation.

MSIF is open to all UK pension schemes and has a low minimum investment hurdle to allow smaller schemes to participate and achieve similar scale benefits as larger schemes.  Other key features are:

  • Target investment of £600 million
  • Focused on a buy-and-hold strategy to avoid any churn
  • Invest to deliver long-term index-linked cash flows of RPI + 0-2% and RPI + 2-5%
  • Offering an attractive co-investment programme for larger investors
  • Fees reflect the true cost of operation and the benefits of increasing scale will continue to accrue to investors

MSIF Chart - Jan 2017

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